Please be aware that we do not operate an emergency or out of hours service - if you are in need of urgent medical assistance please contact your GP or local hospital.

Welcome to Modern Health Limited

Modern Health Limited  is established in 2013 with the aim to provide affordable private medical service for the whole family.
Over the past forty years, Dr. Prem Bajaj has trained and practised as a Consultant General Physician with special interest in Lyme disease and Chronic Fatigue, Pain Management, Acupuncture, hypnotherapy and range of ecological diseases, reflecting the evolving requirements of patients.
If you are a visitor to the UK, if you are visiting the area from another part of the Country, if you are not eligible for NHS care or if you just want to see Dr. Prem Bajaj quickly,  please book your appointment on our online system.
Modern Health Limited is just 25 minutes from Central London (and 11 minutes from  Northolt Underground Station, UK).

How Can We Help?
We have put together some frequently asked questions below, which we hope will answer your queries. If there is anything else you want to know that is not covered in this website, please either telephone us on 0044 (0) 2088 450 017 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


How do I make an appointment?
Just book online from the website or call our telephone on 0044 (0) 2088 450 017 and we will make an appointment for you with Dr. Prem Bajaj at a time to suit you.

How long is a consultation?
We offer a standard 30 minute consultation for Acupuncture and minor illnesses, such as sore throats, fevers or sudden infections. A longer consultation, which may last up to 90 minutes, is recommended for more complex problems, hypnotherapy and and still longer consultation of 120 minutes for chronic conditions ir recommended.


What if I need to have tests done or see a specialist?
We refer for a full range of diagnostic investigations - such as ECGs, urine tests, lung function tests and all blood tests. All tests results are received by us and are reported to you without delay. If a consultation is required with NHS we can write to your G.P. and  we can refer you either into the private sector or the NHS. Seeing us as a private patient does not compromise your eligibility for NHS care.


How confidential will my visit be?
We provide you with a short report at the end of your consultation to give to your own GP. If appropriate a longer report may be provided within a few days. We will always recommend you allow us to let your own doctor know what we have suggested, so that your ongoing care is not compromised in any way, but we will never write to your GP without your consent.

Where do I get my prescription dispensed?
Click here to view the list of pharmacies in the vicinity.


How and when do I pay for my consultation?
You will pay online via Pay Pal or if you agree with us on telephone to pay us in cash, cheques or with an appropriate guarantee card  then you can pay at the time of your visit. We accept cash, cheques with an appropriate guarantee card. We also accept MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards.

Will my visit be covered by private health insurance?
Private insurance companies do not usually cover patients for GP consultations, but this depends on the terms of your individual policy. If you think you may wish to claim back the costs of your visit and any tests we may carry out and which you will pay for at your consultation, please check with your Insurance Company before you come to see us. We can provide you with a receipted invoice for these.

What is special about Modern Health Limited?
This is run by a highly qualified and experienced  Dr. Prem Bajaj who has worked world wide and in addition to his original Medical degree and  Fellowship  in General Practice from New Delhi, India he has done his M.Med.Sci. from the Sheffield Medical School, UK and Masters in Pain Management from the Wales School of Medicine, Cardiff and his MD from Copenhagen University, Denmark and Ph.D. in Pain Management from Denmark.   Dr. Prem Bajaj has also worked as a Post-doc in the California Pacific Medical Center, San Franscico, USA and as a Consultant and head of Clinical Pathology in a large Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam, KSA. Dr. Prem Bajaj also has special competence and certifications to practice Acupuncture and Hypnosis.  Patients are benefited by a holistic approach and experience openion about their medical problems. We treat obesity by CBT-hypnotherapy and teaching self-hypnosis. Dr. Prem Bajaj is  trained in this programme of CBT-hypnotherapy and this treatment helps toward acheiving a sustained long-term weight loss.
Dr. Prem Bajaj specialise in developing a relationship of understanding and trust between him and his patients. We believe this is best achieved within a membership scheme. We offer a first class service and continuity of care for patients who have the option of returning to see the same doctor for future visits. Dr. Prem Bajaj is committed to providing modern medical treatment and care to the highest standards alongside traditional values of courtesy and respect.

What happens if I need hospital care and cannot afford to pay for it?
Unless you are a visitor from abroad and are not eligible to receive NHS treatment, by coming to a private GP practice you do not lose your rights to be referred back into the NHS at any time.

What happens when I come for my consultation?
We ask you to please fill all questionnaires online or arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of your appointment time, so that you can complete questionnaires before seeing the doctor. Dr. Prem Bajaj is fluent in English, Danish, Hindi and Punjabi.
If you are making an appointment on behalf of someone who does not speak English fluently, it would be very helpful if you or another English speaking person could come too.  This is because they may need your help to complete the forms and give us all the important information we will need in order to advise and treat you.
If you know you have a complex medical history or one of the people you are booking an appointment for has a disability, you may need extra time for your appointment, so please tell us so that we can accommodate your special needs.

What my Patients say about me.
I have regularly obtained patient satisfaction surveys. The Regulatory Body the Care Quality Commission [the CQC] has been informed and will also reviews the Centre annually.
These are some of the comments my patients' made regarding my consultations:


  • Have never obtained such a thorough examination and care ever before.

  • All concerns are dealt with putting patient at ease.

  • Doctor is excellent.

  • I felt such a relief that I never experienced before after the acupuncture treatment.

  • I felt completely relieved of pain and felt as if I was in heaven during the hypnotherapy session.

  • I felt completely comfortable that I am in a safe hand.

  • I became alright by doctors examination alone and all things that I was explained by the doctor put me at ease.

  • Several patients have sent compliments after their long-term pain was relieved and they were back to normal life.

What my Colleagues say about me.


  • "Such a knowledgeable person"
  • "You are an inspiration"
  • "Enjoyed your wisdom. You are a true healer"
  • "Thank you for your wisdom"
  • "Very knowledgeable person"
  • "Your insights are very valuable"
  • "What a vast loving being Prem is!"



Why can't I obtain all advice over the telephone or by e-mail?
As every patient's needs to be clinically examined individually by the doctor therefore we are unable to give you health advice over the telephone or by e-mail, follow up advice and laboratory results information can be given on phone where ever possible.